Total Chaos: Battle at the Frontier of Time v5.20

is a mythical strategy board game for 1 to 8 players.
Fantasy Wizards & Monsters Combat at its very best!


* Fantastic Music!

* Unbelievably great gameplay!

* Many excellent sound effects.

* 640x512 256 color animated graphics @50fps.

* Its very easy to add your own sound effects or replace existing sound effects!

* Its very easy to edit the graphics any way you want! Just load them into any paint program and go crazy! When you save your artistic masterpiece it automagically gets included into the game!

* 25224 tiles of animation. Feel free to make more of your own :-)

* HUNDREDS of Spells!

* No 2 games are ever alike!

* Fully multitasking and OS friendly so you can play while online, printing, raytracing, etc.

* Explosions! (Every good game needs explosions, right? :)

* Online help

* Advanced AI Options

* Fully playable in English, FranÁais, Deutsch, Magyar, Polski, Italiano and Espanol.

* Battle on an open battlefield or in a dungeon / maze.

* Game map may be 100% visible or need to be uncovered and explored. The choice is yours!

* Collect mystical scrolls!

* Control powerful artifacts!

* Explore mysterious landscapes! All landscapes are user-selectable.

So what the heck do you do in this game anyway?

Each player controls a wizard and tries to kill off all the enemy wizards and all the enemy independent monsters. The last person left alive is the winner!

This mostly involves conjuring lots of monsters which you move around the board to battle the enemy monsters. However, cunning use of your magic spells can produce a stunning victory!

There are MANY play-options in this game! A few examples are:

* Every man for himself!

* 1 human player against 1 computer player!

* 1 human player against 1 human player!

* 1 human player against a whole bunch of computer players!

* A bunch of human players against each other!

* Cooperative play. Any number of humans on the same team vs any number of computer players!

* Alliances. Any player may start with any number of human or computer-controlled allies on his side. For example, since I am so good at the game I usually let other players start with an extra computer-controlled wizard on their team.

So how long does it take to play this crazy game?

Using the default settings it should take from 2 to 4 hours to play a game.

You may limit the time that a game takes by adjusting various settings:

* Turn Limit: If you just want to play a VERY quick game you could set this to 12 turns for example.

* Spells Limit: If you want to play a game that doesn't last forever then you can set this to, say, 20 spells for a quick game.

You can also set various settings to make the game really hard and then it can take you 8 to 12 hours to win or lose the game.

There are many other gameplay settings that you can adjust but you'll hafta load up the game to see them :-)

This game is currently playable in:

English : 100%
Français : 99%
Magyar : 99%
Deutsch : 99%
Italiano : 98%
Espanol : 98%
Polski : 99%
Norsk : 55%

The quickstart docs are supplied in:

English : 100%
Français : 100%
Magyar : 100%
Deutsch : 100%
Italiano : 100%
Polski : 100%

The instruction manual is only available in English until someone translates it.