Quick Start Guide:

Ok you are a wizard. In order to win the game you must kill all the enemy wizards and kill or block all the enemy generators.
Plus kill any enemy monsters that might be wandering around.

The game takes place in turns and there are 3 phases to each turn:
1. Strategically Choose Which Spell to Cast Phase
2. Strategically Cast the Spell on a Particular Target Phase
3. Strategically move your creatures around phase

The phases are more boringly known as:
1. Spell Selection Phase
2. Spell Casting Phase
3. Movement Phase

Spell Selection Phase:

Each wizard in the game starts with a random selection of spells.
Sometimes you'll have some really wild combos!

On each turn of the game you will first select a spell to cast.
If you have no idea what you are doing, just select the meanest sounding creature you've got on your spell list.

If you want to read about a spell, point at it and press "q" for Query.

Or if you are a mousey type of person, highlight the question mark then click on the spell with your mouse.

If you want to see all the places you could potentially cast the spell, point at it with the mouse and press 'c', "c" means "cast".

Spell Casting Phase:

Ok, after all players have selected their spell, each player will be required to cast their spell.

Your wizard will be highlighted and you must click where you want to cast the spell.
You can now press 'c' and you will be shown all the places you could potentially cast your spell.
However, some spells have a range of 0 which means you automatically cast them when you press the mousebutton and you don't have to cast them on any particular square.
They automatically cast correctly. Many spells however require you to pick a legal target.

If you decide you don't want to cast this spell after all, or if you cannot cast it (because someone blocked you off or otherwise foiled your plans) then you can abort it by pressing the Right Mouse Button.

By now you are no doubt an expert magician capable of casting all manner of deadly magic at your opponent so now we progress to the movement phase.

Movement Phase:

To move a monster, click on it and it will be highlighted.
Now click the square you want to move to.
If you run out of movement points the monster will cease to be highlighted and his movement phase will be over.
If you attempt to move a monster into an enemy you will attack it.
If you attempt to move a monster into a friendly unit, nothing will happen.
(this prevents you from accidentally making stupid moves.)

Ground monsters must be moved along 1 square at a time so you must click in each square one after the other.

Flying monsters are a different matter.
They can move up to their full movement points in any direction all at once.
You do not get to click multiple times.
You just pick directly the square you want to move to and click on it.

Here are some fundamental rules of movement.
1. If you move a monster next to an enemy monster it will become engaged to that enemy. You must then either attack any adjacent enemy or end that monster's turn.

2. If you move next to an enemy inanimate object, such as a wall or tree then nothing happens.

3. If your monster kills an enemy monster then your monster moves into the square of the (now dead) enemy monster and his movement is over. But he can still shoot if he has a shooting weapon.

4. Use the Right Mouse Button to end a creature's movement early.

You can also point at any monster with your mouse and press 'm' to show far he can move.
'r' to show the range of his ranged weapon.
's' to show everything that he can actually shoot.
'l' to show line of sight.
Any number key '1' through '9' to show all the things belonging to that player.


See what an amazingly easy to play game this is?

Later on you will find that there are various strategies for making use of the dead bodies that will be strewn across the battlefield.

You will learn how to use inanimate objects to your advantage.

As time goes on you'll learn how to move your monsters around in the tactically best manner and you'll realize that every single step taken by every single monster really does matter and it is all very strategic.

With experience you will learn that there is very deep strategy involved in determining exactly which spell you should cast on each turn. Many times the obvious spell is not actually the best spell for your current situation. You'll find that it matters whether you are currently on the offensive or if you are being defensive. Sometimes you'll be cowering in a corner just trying to survive and that will require a different strategy than if you are strong and powerful.

There are several spell combinations which work amazingly well with each other. Sometimes you'll have 1 of the spells but not the other... Do you try to wait till you have both spells of the combo? Or do you just cast what you've got right now?

Remember this:
3. The name of the game is CHAOS!

Just because you think you are losing doesn't mean a whole lot. "It aint over till its over." You might be hopelessly losing when suddenly you get a great spell or two on your list that changes everything. Combine this with a sudden turn of bad luck for one of your enemies and the whole game can change. I know, I've seen it happen countless times.

If you are ever playing a game where someone keeps trying to tell you that he outnumbers you 5:1 and you have no chance of surviving so you may as well give up then just tell him to "Put up or Shut Up!". If he is so powerful and you are so weak then why aren't you dead yet? If you are really so weak, he'll kill you on the next turn. It won't hurt to play the game for 10 more minutes will it?

One of the many reasons you should never give up is because you just NEVER know what the next spell on your list will be. There are some AMAZINGLY powerful but very rare spells in the game. You might get one and win with it.

Another reason is that a computer wizard might cast some amazing spell that helps you or hinders your opponent. You never know.

Just because you are kicking ass and taking names does not mean you have got the game won. "It aint over till its over."

A weak opponent who you thought was no threat to you might suddenly cast Subversion on your most powerful creature. Now your best monster is your worst enemy!

Or someone might get a bonus spell and cast Nuke on your best monster.

There are countless things that can go wrong and I won't spoil the surprise by listing them here.

And don't ever try to say the game is too easy. If its too easy for you then try playing the game against 20 generators. Ha. You won't make it past turn 10.

Or try playing against 4 enemy wizards. But put the 4 enemy wizards all on the same team so they don't fight each other, just you. They'll beat the crap out of you and laugh at you while doing it.

Have fun with the game.
And when you think you are good enough, you can challenge me to a duel. MUUAAAHAHAHA.


P.S. This was just the quick start guide. If you want more detailed info then read the docs included in the archive.