This is a mythical strategy game for up to eight human and/or computer players. It is a game of justice and vengeance, of good versus evil, of life versus death, of light versus shadow, as a group of wizards battle ferociously to exterminate their opponents and achieve world domination.

   If you dare to compete, you will be faced with beasts of all descriptions, from everyday animals like horses and lions; to monsters of hideous proportions, from fire-breathing multi-headed pyrohydras to extremely dangerous dragons that sail through the air hunting their favorite food -- you. Creatures from the spirit world are also in abundance; you may even meet the devil himself. Say your prayers if you do.

   You will experience the most cataclysmic natural disasters ever to occur in the course of human history. You may be drowned in swift-moving floodwaters, burned beyond recognition in raging uncontrolled hellfires, or be swallowed up by the very Earth itself in horrific earthquakes.

   With your own eyes you will witness corpses rising from the dead to rejoin the battle. You will be struck with terror as your army succumbs to massive piles of green slime and purple fungi. Even the humble tree is not always what it seems.

   Your army is not restricted to man alone. Your forces will be filled out with orcs, elves, ogres, and a host of other races. You will doubtless send many of these creatures to a premature death as they blindly follow your every command. Only those wizards who use the strategy of a Perfect General, possess the bloodlust of a Warlord, make effective use of their Hired Guns and have the zeal to build an Empire will triumph in the end.

   You will utilize and be subjected to some of the most powerful magic, sorcery, and necromancy known to the human mind. You may be cursed, drained, and infected with disease. You may disappear into the ethereal plane or vanish into a timewarp. You will twist time, garble gravity, and rip holes in space as you criminally violate all the laws of physics with the unbridled arrogance of the dictatorial tyrant you really are.

   You will cause untold destruction of a once pristine environment as you destroy entire forests on a whim, saturate the air with foul-smelling toxic fumes and unleash the apocalyptic fury of nuclear devastation on all who oppose you.

   The grapes of wrath never tasted so good.

   To survive, you must strike a fine balance between defending your wizard and attacking the other wizards. Only one wizard can rule the world, but it can be a long time in coming, with up to eight wizards chasing the same goal. Furthermore, the wizards may lose control of their powerful magic and suffer the dreaded fate of mutual annihilation; forever cleansing the world of disruptive magic!