"Frédéric's Folly" :)

Too bad my stupid screen grabber overwrote the screen grab I made earlier,
it was very impressive ! I played with 30 scrolls and my wizard appeared
next to a fir with combat on his spell list. With the help of a stone giant
I destroyed the tree and it revealed a Chaos lord spell !! I cast it then
replicated (with triple active) myself. I destroyed 4 generetors and 2 enemy
wizards in only one turn :-) !! I had to pick 6 spells among a big list, and
there was 1 Generator and 2 touch of God spells in it ! I was awesomely
Then I made a stupid mistake. One of my replicates got burried by an orange
jelly. I rescued him but forgot he was only at half of his _initial_
strength. He got killed by a stone golem next turn. And it was my main
wizard so I lost.