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The most powerful archiver available for the Amiga.

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Authors : Jonathan Forbes and Tomi Poutanen

Copyright : Data Compression Technologies

Last version : 1.21 (1995)

How does it work?
LZX uses a compact way of encoding large match offsets. The Amiga implementation includes file merging, where data are grouped into large blocks, instead of being individually compressed.

Read the original LZX v1.21r Documentation (1995) in html format.

Download the LX executable (for Amiga) here : you'll be able to unpack all the downloadable files.

 File   Size   Information 
  Main Programs  
 LZX 1.21R1 Y2K bug fixed   199K   fixed by Dr.Titus 
 LZX 1.21R1 Y2K bug fixed   199K   fixed by Mikolaj Calusinski 
 LZX 1.21R1   199K   lzx121r1.readme 
 LZX 1.21R   198K   read or download the manual 
 LZX 1.21   166K   LZX121.TXT 
 LZX 1.20R   173K   LZX120.TXT 
 LZX 1.20   142K   LZX120.TXT 
 LZX 1.01   146K   LZX101.TXT 
 LZX 1.00   134K   LZX100.TXT 
 LZX keyfile   1K   lzxkeyfile.readme 
 LZX_Y2Kfix.lha   4K   LZX_Y2Kfix.readme 
 LZX121r_pch.lha   13K   LZX121r_pch.readme 
 SPATCH.LHA   10K   for LZX_Y2Kfix.lha 
 UnLZX2.lha   95K   UnLZX2.readme 
 lzx_netfix.lha   4K   lzx_netfix.readme 
 AMINET LZX Utilities   Search for LZX utilities 

 Platform / CPU   File   Size   Documentation 
 68K PPC i486   UnLZX2.lha   95K   UnLZX2.readme 
 Windows95   W95unlzx.lha   41K   W95unlzx.readme 
 PPC (Power-Up)   unlzx.lha   27K   unlzx.readme 
 PPC   PPCunlzx.lha   57K   PPCunlzx.readme 
 PPC WarpOS   UnLzxWOS.lha   41K   UnLzxWOS.readme 
 UNIX   unlzx.c.gz   9K   unlzx.c.gz.readme 
 UNIX   unlzx.c.Z   15K   unlzx.c.Z.readme 

Questions about LZX? This is the FAQ area.

1 - I have corrupted datas during an extraction operation.
The versions for 68020 and 68040 are not so reliable when you want to archive a lot of small files: you may have corrupted datas in the archive. But LZX won't report the bug during the archiving operation. It will report the bug in the test, or on an extraction operation.
Solution : use the 68000 version to archive your files if the 020 or 040 don't work.

2 - I have the message "LZX: Error writing to disk; disk full?"
It's because empty directories have been archived (sometimes, you may need to do this). This message is not important, just ignore it, because at the end, the extraction will be successfull..."All files ok." and the empty directories will have been created successfully.

3 - I see a problem in the date attributes in the extracted files.
LZX original version doesn't support dates after 2000.
Solution : download and use the 1.21 Y2K fixed version.

4 - I can't use the "-9" option (maximum compression) with the 68000 version.
It's normal, this feature is not implemented in this version (read this page from the original documentation).

5 - 2 patches have fixed the Y2K bug. Which one should I use?
It depends on your way to use LZX. I've done the test and click here to read the results.

6 - Is there a link between UnLZX2 and LZX-2?
No. UnLZX2 is just a new unarchiver for the first LZX.

7 - Where can I find technical informations about LZX?
Go to the Microsoft's page about the .CAB format. Then download the file "cab-sdk.exe" (it's a self-extracting program for PC). If you have an Amiga, use the XAD system on this file: it will unpack it. Place the file in RAM: and type in a CLI window:
xadunfile ram:cab-sdk.exe ram:
After the extraction, you'll see a "DOCS" directory, then read the file "LZXFMT.DOC" (.RTF format). You'll have almost all the secrets of the LZX compression.

8 - Is there any source code of the old LZX software which is now freeware available?
No, sorry, the source to LZX was never released. But you can get the specs for the LZX-2 file format from the Microsoft CAB SDK from Microsoft's web site. There is also a Java implementation of LZX-2 in the class com.ms.util.cab in the Microsoft AFC (Application Foundation Classes for Java).

LZX-2 (.cab)
© Microsoft
 LZX 2 (.cab)   Informations and download 
 kyz.uklinux.net   Informative page 

 Other programs made by Jonathan Forbes for the
 File   Size   Documentation 
 LX 1.03   35K   LX103.TXT 
 LX 1.00   34K   LX100.TXT 
 LZ 1.92   45K   LZ192.TXT 
 LZ 1.01   35K   LZ101.TXT 
 LhWarp 1.40   33K   LHWRP140.TXT 
 LhWarp 1.21   33K   LHWRP121.TXT 
 LhWarp 1.20   33K   LHWRP120.TXT 
 LhWarp 1.03   29K   LHWRP103.TXT 
 LhUnArc 0.96   16K   LHUNA096.TXT 

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 Funet   Source of old Amiga software 
 amiga-stuff.com   Full of nice utilities (archivers, packers,...) 
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Thanks to
 Jonathan Forbes and Tomi Poutanen   the authors of LZX, now freeware 
 Bruce Goodman   the uploader of the freeware keyfile 
 Andrey Titov (dr.Titus)   author of the Y2K patch 
 Mikolaj Calusinski   author of the patch LZX121r_pch.lha 
 Dirk Stöcker   author of XAD-Master 
 Oliver Gantert   author of UnLZX2 
 Jean-François Fabre   author of the LZX Netscape fix 
 Massimo 'Perfidus' Perfini   author of WizArc 
 Richard Körber   author of GuideML 

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