The add command adds one or more files to one or more archives, although
typically it is used to add files to only one archive.

If the archive specified does not already exist, it will be created.
Otherwise, files will be appended to the archive.  LZX will not add files to an
archive if they are aleady present in the archive; attempting to do so will
elicit a warning message from LZX, although it will continue to add any other
files you may have specified.

By default, only the file name component of the file is stored in the archive;
that is, any preceding path name is not stored.  In order to preserve the path
name as well, use the -x option.  If you specify the -r option to recurse into
subdirectories, then the -x option is set automatically.

To preserve empty directories (directories containing no files or
subdirectories), select the -e option.

The -x, -r, and -e options can be used to preserve a directory structure.