LZX was developed over the period of approximately one and a half years.  A
lot of thought went into every component of LZX, and countless brainstorming
sessions kept us up until 5 AM for weeks on end, while our university marks
nose-dived due to all of our missed classes.

A PC version of LZX is being developed in parallel with the Amiga version,
although the PC version is several months behind the Amiga version, due to
MS-DOS's numerous architectural problems.  We dearly hope that LZX, an Amiga
program, will oust the market leaders on the PC, but it will be a tough
battle; PKZIP is heavily entrenched in the PC market.

The LZX project needs your support!  LZX is fairly inexpensive as shareware
programs go, especially when you consider what you get:

The current (1.21r) registered versions of LZX support the following:

   Faster compression
   New "maximum compression" (-9) option
   New "faster compression" (-Qf) option
   Decompression of LHA and LZH files (25-35% faster than LhA!)
   Asynchronous disk i/o
   More options (fast add, archive concatenation)

Multi-volume archiving is under development, and will probably be included
in version 1.30r.

If you have a feature you would like added, feel free to let us know, and
drop us a line either by  Email ,  Snail-mail ,  fax , or even
 telephone .


The registration fee for LZX is US$ 25, which can be paid by either cheque
or money order if in the U.S. or Canada, or by postal money order if
elsewhere.  The address to send the above to is:

   Data Compression Technologies
   383 Lawrence Avenue West
   Toronto, Ontario
   M5M 1B9

Alternatively, you may send cash; the cash may be either US$ 25, or its
equivalent at the current exchange rate to the currencies of the following


This alternative payment scheme is available so that one does not have to
make the trek down to the post office and pay an extra fee for the
creating of a money order; now all one has to do is hide cash in the
envelope and send it off.

For example, if you wished to send Canadian dollars, you would look up the
current exchange rate (currently 1 US$ ~= CDN$ 1.39) and then send the
equivalent amount (CDN$ 34.96, or CDN$ 35).  Note: Only bills/notes are
accepted.  Foreign coins are not accepted, because they cannot be exchanged
at a local bank.

A note about sending cash in the mail; make absolutely sure that it is
disguised; if it is not, you can bet that along the way someone will
open it and take the money out - it happens.  Enclose the cash in two
pieces of non-white paper to disguise it.  We cannot take responsibility
for cash lost in the mail; if you think this may happen, send a money
order instead.

To check the status of your order, you can contact the authors as described

You will receive a disk with the registered versions of LZX, as well as
your personalised keyfile, which will enable you to use any of the
publicly distributed registered version archives.