This option puts a date constraint on the files on which LZX will operate;
LZX will ONLY operate on any files which have a modification date equal to or
later than that specified as a parameter to this option, in the form

For example, if extracting files and using the option "-o 1994/04/20", then
only files which have a modification date on or after April 4, 1994 in the
archive will be extracted.

Similarly, if adding files to an archive, only files with a date on or after
the one supplied as a parameter wlil be added.

This option works in conjunction with other constraints, so the command
"LZX -o 1994/01/01 x test.lzx *.c" would extract from the archive "test.lzx"
all files which had the extension ".c" AND which also had a modification date
of January 1, 1994 or later.

If updating, freshening, or replacing files already existing in an archive,
then the "on or after" date refers to the date of the physical file, rather
than the date of the file in archive.

As a sidenote, the format of the date parameter was chosen as "yyyy/mm/dd"
because this format is unambigious; European countries all use different date
formats, which are often different from those used in North America and the
rest of the world.


This option is valid with the following commands:

   a (add)
   d (delete)
   e (extract)
   f (freshen)
   l (list)
   r (replace)
   t (test)
   u (update)
   v (view)
   x (extract)