This option sets the priority of the LZX process for the duration of its
running.  The priority may be any value from -127 to +127, although only
values between -5 and +5 should be used.

The higher the priority, the more CPU time will be used by LZX.  Because
of the way in which the Amiga's process priority system works, and because
LZX is very processor intensive, setting LZX to a high priority will probably
stop (or at least slow to a very slow crawl) any lower priority processes.

The one time LZX does not use much CPU is when it is waiting for disk i/o to
complete (from an actual physical disk; RAM drives do not count).

By default LZX inherits its task priority from the shell it was run from.


This option is valid with the following commands:

   a (add)
   d (delete)
   e (extract)
   f (freshen)
   l (list)
   r (replace)
   t (test)
   u (update)
   v (view)
   x (extract)