This option sets the update rate of the console when compressing data
(archiving files, or compacting a merged file group when deleting files);
LZX will update the console each time the supplied number of Kilobytes is
compressed.  Due to LZX's file merging, it currently uses a percentage
display to update the console, but the calculation of when to update the
console is still perform in bytes.

LZX checks the CPU on your system to set the default rate to something
sensible for your system, be it a 68000 or a 68060.

As mentioned previously, the parameter should be specified in Kilobytes.
For example "-U4" will cause LZX to update the display for each 4K of
data compressed.

This parameter only affects the update rate for encoding; the update rate for
decoding is determined solely by the output buffer size.


This option is valid with the following commands:

   a (add)
   d (delete)
   f (freshen)
   r (replace)
   u (update)