Versions are provided for the 68000/68010, the 68020/68030, and the
68040/68060, and are named LZX_68000EC, LZX_68020, and LZX_68040,
respectively.  In addition, only the 68000/68010 version supports AmigaDOS
1.3; the 68020/68030 and 68040/68060 versions do not.

Users with a 68000 or 68010 CPU can run only the 68000/68010 version, while
users with a 68020-68060 CPU can run any version if they have AmigaDOS
Release 2 or later.  LZX has been carefully hand-crafted for each CPU;
performance will be degraded somewhat if running a version not optimised for
your CPU.

Unlike most programs which provide CPU depdendent versions, LZX was designed
around the instruction set of the 68020-68060, which required that the
68000/68010 version be specially written to use only 68000/68010 instructions.

The 68000/68010 version has all of the functionality of the other versions,
but receives the "EC" (economy) designation to identify it as being somewhat
different internally.  The 68000/68010 version runs a little more slowly than
the other versions, but not much more slowly.