If this option is enabled, then LZX will not output a line feed (ASCII 10)
on the console after each file has been compressed or decompressed.  Since
scrolling the display can take a substantial amount of time (often more than
the amount of time required to compress or decompress the file, for small
enough files or fast enough CPU's!) this option can greatly decrease the
time required for LZX to perform its operations.

LZX will still emit line feeds when listing the archives processed, so that
all processed archives can be seen.

If errors occur on any file, LZX will emit a line feed for that file so that
its information remains visible.

This option is disabled by default, but is highly recommended.


This option is valid with the following commands:

   a (add)
   e (extract)
   f (freshen)
   r (replace)
   t (test)
   u (update)
   x (extract)