Jonathan is 22 years of age, and is a fourth year Computer Engineering student
at the University of Waterloo.  The Computer Engineering curriculum is a
continuous 5 year co-op programme (no holidays) including 6 four month terms
of employment and the standard 4 academic years.

Jonathan has worked on contract for Communications Canada, where he developed a
real-time head and eye tracking software library, and for Northern Telecom for
16 months, where he was involved with the development of Northern Telecom's
Meridian IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Fax Response software.

Jonathan was born in the United Kingdom, but moved to Canada in 1986, where
he abandoned his BBC Microcomputer 32K for an Amiga 1000.  In 1988 he learned
C, and in 1989 he learned 68000 assembly language, and he has participated
heavily in the evolution of Amiga data compression programs ever since; see
the  archiver chronology  for details.

Jonathan is the author of the  Lhunarc   LZ  and  LX  compression programs, as
well as Xenolink, the commercial Bulletin Board Software package.

Jonathan currently owns an Amiga 3000 with a 35 MHz 68040 card (and not much
else), and his original Amiga 1000.