Tomi is a Finnish citizen currently residing in Canada.  He was born into a
Swedish speaking family in Finland in 1972.  Besides Finland and Canada, Tomi
has lived in Germany, Austria, Kuwait, Cameroon and the U.S.  He emmigrated
to Canada in 1985 and has resided in Toronto ever since.

Tomi is a fourth year Computer Engineering student at the University of
Waterloo.  As part of the co-operative work programme, he has worked for
Reuters, Honeywell, and as a Software Design Engineer and a Program Manager
for Microsoft.

Since its inception, LZX has been developed simultaneously on the Amiga and
the PC.  The compression related research was conducted by both Jonathan and
Tomi in portable C, and once complete, was separated for the two platforms.
Jonathan is responsible for development on the Amiga platform, and Tomi is
responsible for the PC platform.

As of the release of this Amiga version, Tomi is trying to negotiate the
hardships of the MS-DOS platform, such as the 64K segments and the lack
of usable RAM.  The Amiga has proved to be a much more efficient and flexible
platform to develop under.  As a result, the PC version is several months
behind, requires the development of new technology, and as a result, may
ultimately have to sacrifice performance to operate efficiently under the
platform restrictions.  Fortunately, the Win95 and WinNT platforms have
overcome the aformentioned shortcomings and as a consequence, the archiver
will first be built around Win32 technology, while providing a DOS
decompressor.  A DOS archiver will follow at a later date.

For development, Tomi uses a 486/50DX2 with 24 MB RAM running Windows NT