LZX supports commands standard on most Amiga archivers.

Entering "LZX" by itself from the command line provides a list of available
commands and options ( Example ).

Each option will have one or two letters beside it in parentheses; either
"(ax)", "(a )", or "( x)".  These denote whether the option is used when
archiving and extracting, only when archiving, or only when extracting,
respectively.  Note that in this case, archiving means adding, updating,
freshening, or replacing.   Example 

Command Descriptions

 a   Add file(s) to archive
 af  Fast add file(s) to archive
 c   Concatenate archive(s)
 d   Delete file(s) from archive
 e   Extract file(s) from archive
 f   Freshen file(s) in archive
 l   List file(s) in archive
 p   Print file(s) in archive to screen
 r   Replace file(s) in archive
 t   Test file(s) in archive
 u   Update file(s) in archive
 v   List file(s) in archive [Verbose]
 x   Extract file(s) from archive [With full path]